Q&A: Should I Take a Promotion Without a Raise?

Question: My boss has offered me a promotion but there is a catch – I will not be getting a pay raise. Should I still take up the offer?

Answer: Even though you have lived your life understanding that one cannot always have his cake and eat it too, you may still find it difficult to wrap your head around the idea that a promotion and a pay raise do not necessarily come hand in hand. (Read More Here!)

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Why You Should Be Able to Discuss Your Pay Openly

By Desiree Yang

The discussion of salaries among employees has always been viewed as a huge workplace taboo. It is a highly sensitive topic, with the potential to lead to ill will and feelings of resentment. However, the silence surrounding employee pay is to the detriment of employees – for instance, it enables inequitable pay between different genders or ethnicities to persist. (Read More Here!)

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Survey: Singapore Workers Score Low Happiness Levels Since 2009

Half a decade onward and low work happiness scores continue to dog many Singapore workers, with $10,000 monthly salary being the 'magic' defining mark for improving happiness.

By: Alythea Ho

Many studies have been done on happiness, emotions, and satisfaction. Some claim Singaporeans are unfeeling beings who are curiously capable of developing emotions one year later. Others suggest Singaporeans are fairly satisfied living in one of the most desirable nations in the world.

Clearly happiness is a subjective matter. Question is, why do researchers still persist in studying it?

Because happiness is so crucial to our well-being, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Consider this: we spend over half of our waking hours at the workplace. Yet work happiness still eludes many in Singapore – even after half a decade. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: Should I negotiate a higher starting salary?

Question: After going for a job interview, I’ve been offered the position but the organisation’s proposed starting salary is a little underwhelming, to say the least. Should I negotiate a higher starting salary?

Answer: It’s best to exercise a little discretion when deciding whether to either accept the organisation’s employment offer or negotiate a better starting salary.

Ideally, the starting salary you quote to the job interviewer is a figure that will be perfectly acceptable to you, so that if you’re offered that figure all you have to do is say yes. But your decision to quote a lower starting salary (to appear as a more attractive candidate for the position) may also count against you. (Read More Here!)

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Little-Known Employee Entitlements

By: Png Han Yong

Unlike employee benefits, which vary from organisation to organisation, employee entitlements are a set of guaranteed rights under Singapore’s Labour Laws to ensure the welfare of employees in Singapore.

We recently sieved through the Ministry of Manpower’s website and picked out three interesting entitlements you might not have known about.

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Are Singaporeans Worth Their Wages?

By: Gerald Goh

When it comes to griping about their wages, working Singaporeans should ask themselves if they truly deserve what they’re getting.

That’s the opinion of a reader responding to The Straits Times Managing Editor Han Fook Kwang’s recent column in The Sunday Times, which touched on the slow increase of median real salary levels (amounting to 1.3% per year on average when accounting for inflation) in the past decade.

In a follow-up commentary earlier this month, Fook Kwang revealed how the same reader had argued that Singapore's median monthly income of S$3,000 is “fairly high” for the region, especially when measured against countries such as the Philippines, India and China.

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Q&A: Should I Make A Counter-Offer?

My employee just informed me that he has had a job offer from another company and in accepting this offer, given me his one month’s notice. This is a hardworking and capable employee who I’ve always been able to rely on, and it will take me months to recruit and train a suitable replacement. How can I make him stay? Should I extend a counter-offer to him?

Whoa, hold your horses! Before you rush out a counter-offer, take some time to consider the implications if your attempt turns out to be successful, and keeping your employee turns out to be a Pyrrhic victory.

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Are you a Saver or Spender? 60% of Singapore workers save less than one-fifth of income

60% of Singapore workers save less than one-fifth of monthly income, while 1 in 4 admit to spending most of salary on entertainment.

By: Alythea Ho

Everyone loves year-end bonuses. Spending becomes a joy for some at this time of the year, while others prefer to squirrel away their extra earnings into passive wealth generating sources.

However, when it comes to regular salary savings, it appears that many Singapore workers prefer to spend, spend, and spend.

Close to 60% of Singapore workers save less than one-fifth of their income each month, reveals a survey carried out by the JobsCentral Group, a CareerBuilder company. In terms of spending, close to one-quarter (23.6%) of the workers confessed they would spend the bulk of their salary on entertainment.

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Singapore workers happiest since 2009 but Work Happiness Score still pretty lackluster

By Shi Tianyun

While Singapore workers are the happiest at work since 2009, they are still in a category that puts them in the “less moderately happy” lot.

A total of 3,299 respondents took the 2012 JobsCentral Work Happiness Indicator Survey, which was conducted online from September to October this year. This survey has been conducted every year since 2009.

2012’s overall average Work Happiness Indicator score of 59.8 out of 100 is a 4.1 percent increase from last year’s 57.4. However, while there is an improvement, Singapore workers are still in the “less than moderately happy” category.

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