Why We Should Embrace Bring Your Own Device Day

By Koh Wanzi

While an obscure acronym at first glance, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Day is a growing trend in 21st century workplaces where workers are encouraged to use their own devices—be it their phone, tablet, or personal computer – at work.

In fact, a 2013 TechInsights Report found that 39 per cent of businesses in Singapore listed BYOD as the top priority in their list of enterprise mobility initiatives. Enterprise mobility refers to a shift in business practices where employees increasingly work outside the office but are also required to access secure corporate data. (Read More Here!)

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So You Think You Can Do My Job – Don't Call Me a Nightclub Bouncer!

By: Gerald Goh

Every weekend, hordes of fashionable young clubbers descend on Clarke Quay and other hotspots of Singapore’s thriving nightlife scene. Even as the town is being painted red, an invisible army of bouncers and doormen maintains law and order, and these individuals are no longer the stereotypical thuggish brutes of yesteryear.

Instead, they’re now deemed security officers or supervisors and are professionally trained to utilise communication and conflict resolution skills rather than simply tossing troublemakers out on their behinds. (Read More Here!)


How to Prevent Workplace Violence

A video of a man physically abusing his subordinate has recently gone viral in Singapore, sparking outrage from the public and calls for the authorities to step in.

The incident also reveals that workplace violence can indeed occur in Singapore, which is why effective policies and measures are needed to prevent it.

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