Singapore Airlines

Epitome of Asian Hospitality

Crying babies, cramped seats, and overzealous airport staff usually mar an otherwise perfect travelling experience. SIA is one of the few exceptions. Setting impeccable service standards that other airlines try to emulate, SIA has brought back the romance of travel. We speak to Lionel Yeo, one of the people responsible for ensuring each and every SIA customer experiences the epitome of Asian hospitality.

By Farhan Shah

“Learn to cook, take good care of your teeth, talk to people in the elevator and whatever you do, don’t set the water temperature to ‘hot’ while washing your clothes,” Lionel Yeo Shen Kiang says, laughing heartily as he gives advice gleaned from his own experience as a student in a foreign land.


Star of the Skies

Synonymous with Singapore Airlines is the iconic Singapore Girl, who epitomises the Asian hospitality and impeccable service standards the airline is renowned for. Yet, few give due recognition to our hidden stars of the skies – the SIA pilots.

By Winifred Tan

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Eugene speaking. Welcome aboard Singapore Airlines Flight SQ 241, departing from Singapore to Sydney …”

Seated in the cockpit of a Boeing 777 as he poses for the camera, Eugene looks relaxed and completely in his element.

It’s not much of a surprise considering the Deputy Chief Pilot (Training) of the B777 fleet has been flying with Singapore Airlines (SIA) for the past 24 years.

“I first took to the skies in a Cessna 172, at age 15 – before I got my driver’s license – and since then I was sold on Aviation as a career. Law and Medicine, my other two career options, were quickly eliminated. I’ve never looked back nor regretted my decision ever since,” recalls Eugene.

A whole new world

To fuel his dream, the Kuala Lumpur native started flying lessons and obtained his Commercial Pilots Licence prior to joining SIA as a Second Officer on the B757.

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