Singapore Logistics Association

A Moving Story

First established in 1973, the Singapore Logistics Association is constantly setting and raising the standard of excellence in the burgeoning logistics industry. We speak to one logistics professional who went into the industry purely by chance.

By Melainne Chiew

Lyon Goh professed that he sort of stumbled into the logistics industry by chance. “I didn’t originally plan to come into logistics,” Lyon shares. Formerly in the advertising and design field, the soft-spoken man “desired a change in environment”. The answer to his conundrum came to him out of the blue while he was flipping through the morning papers.

“I saw an ad that extolled the virtues of the logistics industry and it resonated with me somehow,” Lyon explains.

Often overlooked due to its background nature and ambiguous definition, the logistics industry is a vital part of the daily operations in transportation, inventory, warehousing and security, among others.

Armed with this knowledge, Lyon enrolled in The Logistics Academy. The trailblazer not only graduated with a Diploma in Integrated Logistics Management, he was crowned the Best Achiever and won the Book Prize.


Linking all the way

The next time you go grocery-shopping at a supermarket, stop and take a closer look at the mass-market products you purchase. Have you ever wondered how they get from their place of production to the display shelves? The answer: Logistics.

By Winifred Tan

Chan Hsien Hung believes that logistics is a branch of engineering that creates “people systems” rather than “machine systems”.
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