Singapore Tourism Board

Where Passion Meets Vision

Working in close partnership with industry stakeholders, the STB shapes an exciting and memorable ‘YourSingapore’ experience for the millions of tourists who visit our shores every year. Meet two vivacious scholars from STB who have dedicated themselves, heart and soul, to this compelling vision.

By Jacelyn Lim & Winifred Tan


A Tale of Diversity

In STB, ideas are its lifeblood, excitement can be found at every turn, and boredom is an adjective that’s never used. We speak to two STB scholars who are on the ride of a lifetime.

By Farhan Shah

Law Yock Song leans forward in his chair, the happiness apparent in his eyes, and says, “One of my guests came back to the Singapore Visitors Centre on the last day of her holiday just to thank me.”

To the 27-year-old, it is these small pockets of interaction that makes working in the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the organisation dedicated to promoting and projecting Singapore as the choice destination for leisure and business tourists, very heartening.
After having worked in STB for more than three years, the SMU alumnus has collected a vast catalogue of memorable experiences.


Shaping Your Singapore

There is no other organisation that focuses so much on fun as an integral part of work as STB does. With the on-going dynamic transformation of Singapore’s tourism landscape towards that of a vibrant and exciting must-visit destination, two STB scholars share how they are both learning and enjoying themselves at the same time.

By Benjamin Lim

Being chained to a desk for eight hours a day, five days a week was not exactly what Michelle Chan and Goh Bing Jun wanted to do for the rest of their lives. Their relentless search not to settle for a career less than anything extraordinary finally led them to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Having the opportunity to shape Singapore’s image in the eyes of the world instantly attracted the two 24-year-olds to take up the STB scholarship.


STB - An Innovative Attraction

At STB, work goes beyond the realms of mere marketing and into the hub of creating excitement.

by Nabilah Husna A. Rahman

The local tourism industry is set to boom, with pivotal developments led by the world’s only FORMULA ONE night race; the opening of the integrated resorts, Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World at Sentosa; landmark events like the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games; new attractions such as Gardens by the Bay and River Safari; and new retail
establishments such as ION Orchard and 313@Somerset gracing the newly rejuvenated Orchard Road.

These promising enhancements to the landscape are what drove Li Hongyi to dive headfirst into the industry with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) as her first choice.

“My graduation coincided with a lot of the excitement lined up in the tourism industry,” says the NUS alumnus. “So I thought that if I wanted to be in the centre of all the excitement, where else can I be, besides STB? That reaffirmed my choice and I gave the management trainee programme a shot.”

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STB - Cultural Aspirations

Thanks to the STB scholarship, Magdalen Chua is now in a dynamic and flourishing industry that keeps her constantly motivated and challenged.

By Stella Seet

Candidate description
Magdalen Chua
Designation: Manager, Sightseeing and Attractions Cluster Development, STB
Studied: International Relations, Brown University
Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural and Tourism Studies, University of Perpignan
Master’s in International Resort Management, Institut Vatel

“Things are changing, and tourism has a high profile in Singapore,” says 27-year-old Magdalen Chua, a scholar with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). “It is something that has shaped the way a lot of people see Singapore, and it has also impacted the lives of Singaporeans.”

While studying Arts in junior college, Magdalen developed a strong interest in culture and communications, and a scholarship with STB seemed a perfect match for her inclinations towards the industry. However, to ensure she was making the right decision, Magdalen did her due diligence and thoroughly researched on the agency’s missions, objectives, and core business beforehand.

“I wasn’t interested in a structured nine-to-five job,” says Magdalen, on how STB’s vibrant corporate culture was a suitable fit for her effervescent personality. “When I came for the interviews, I got the sense that it would be a very dynamic industry.”


FIREfly (STB): Placing Singapore Centre Stage

A career at the STB is more than about shining the spotlight on Singapore as the ideal tourist destination – it enables you to play a part in increasing Singapore’s presence on the world map.

By Charlene Tan

Michele Ng, FIREfly Scholar (STB)
Designation: Management Trainee, Corporate Communications, STB
Studied: BSc in Marketing and Accounting, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

Imagine you’re watching a blockbuster movie, in which the opening scene shows a strapping man alighting from a yellow taxi along a busy city street. Where do you think the movie is set? All the elements point to one location – the iconic New York City.

How is movie-making related to tourism, you might wonder.

Michele Ng, a FIREfly scholar with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), has the answer.

“With the right kind of marketing, I feel that New York’s draw as a backdrop for films is what Singapore can use as a benchmark,” comes her witty reply. For someone interested in dance, fashion, art, and all things creative, 24-year-old Michele has much to offer the vibrant community at the STB.


Singapore Tourism Board: Uniquely Enriching

As a management trainee with the Singapore Tourism Board, Kevin Choe is at the forefront of one of Singapore's most dynamic industries today.

by Colin Lim

At the age of seven, Kevin Choe left Singapore to study at the International School of Bangkok in Thailand. About ten years later, he returned to complete his National Service, but found himself feeling out of place. "I felt like a foreigner in my own country, after being away for such a long time,” recalled Kevin.