Seeing is Believing

A clear, unimpaired vision is a gift that many of us take for granted. Meet a young Orthoptist who has made it her life’s mission to share this gift with the masses, young and old alike.

By Winifred Tan

Our eyes may be small compared to the other body organs, but their structure is incredibly complex and their function, priceless.

In the same way, orthoptists play a small but no less significant role in the healthcare industry. Working as part of a multidisciplinary allied health team comprising occupational therapists, physiotherapists and nursing staff, orthoptists are responsible for helping to restore the precious gift of sight to their patients.

We speak with Karen Zhang, a 28-year-old Orthoptist at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), a member of SingHealth Group, to find out more about her work and what keeps the light in her eyes shining since taking up the SNEC Orthoptics Scholarship eight years ago.

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Healing People, Improving Lives

While doctors and nurses man the medical frontlines, the allied health professionals provide the necessary support and ensure that the road to recovery is well paved.

By Azhar Jalil

With the treatment of symptoms and diseases becoming increasingly complex, the allied health professionals play an important role in complementing doctors and nurses in the continuum of care delivery.

As medical specialists, physiotherapist Cheryl Poon and aspiring speech pathologist Heng Qi Wen perform vital roles in ensuring that patients receive holistic and comprehensive treatment. Allied healthcare refers to healthcare disciplines which complement the traditional care given by doctors, dentists and nurses.

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SingHealth: For A Greater Cause

The healthcare industry is driven by passion, patience and perseverance – all towards the greater cause of benefiting society. Two youths share how they discovered their calling and what spurs them on.

By Tan Yan Shuo

Tan Wan Ru and Wang Yu Yan are vivacious young women who have much in common. Both hailed from Temasek Junior College, were members of the Leo Club, and volunteered for the Community Outreach Programme for the Elderly, which arranges for students to visit the homes of needy elderly.

More importantly, both are SingHealth scholars who have found their calling in geriatric care. And like others in the healthcare industry, they are continually driven by passion, patience, and perseverance.

Early signposts
As a volunteer, Wan Ru gained first-hand experience of geriatric care – a service which became increasingly meaningful to her over time.

“When I first visited her, she was able to cope with day-to-day tasks, so initially we just helped her with her housework,” she recalls of the old lady whom she used to help. “But subsequently, she started to lose her memory and her vision started to deteriorate. She couldn’t see telephone numbers, so we wrote the numbers bigger. Eventually, she had difficulty walking, so instead of just cleaning her house, we brought her out for medical appointments in her wheelchair.”

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