speech therapy

It's about communication

We spend an afternoon with JurongHealth’s aspiring Speech Therapist and come away with more than we expected.

By Kevin Lim

Wan Xin’s youthful looks, petite size, and delightfully excited tone have us doing a double take.

Is this the 26-year-old Master of Science in Speech and Language Pathology student we were supposed to meet?

A Beacon of Sunshine
Indeed she is, and she greets us with a warm smile that instantly puts us in a good mood – something we soon learn is at the heart of her decision to become a Speech Therapist.

As it turns out, Wan Xin didn’t always aspire to be a Speech Therapist. Her first job was in the field of clinical research at a hospital. There, she would often work with many elderly stroke patients who had lost their ability to speak intelligibly.

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