Q&A: Should I Study Abroad?

Question: I’m thinking of furthering my studies abroad. What are some things I should consider before taking this bold step?

Answer: Studying abroad can be your answer to a frightening new experience or a freeway to an exciting new world. Before you jump on the overseas education bandwagon however, here are some things to consider:

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What you study may not be what you end up doing

By Juliet Soh

I read Political Science in university. Many of my classmates eventually joined the civil service and using the knowledge they’ve acquired in public administration and international relations, are now making and executing the policies that we are affected by.

On the other hand, I started my career in journalism, and also delved into public relations. What I’ve learnt in school from Machiavelli to Marx doesn’t seem to apply to what I do at work now, except to sound knowledgeable when I make small talk with clients.

But this is not entirely uncommon.

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