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Q&A: How do I Have Work-Life Balance?

Question: My work is overwhelming me and I barely have any time for myself. My stress from work is also straining my relationships with my loved ones and my family. What can I do?

Answer: Trying to dredge a semblance of a work-life balance from your hectic schedule is a constant bugbear for many working professionals in Singapore. As the projects begin to pile up, you often find yourself having to take work home and slog through it late into the night. (Read More Here!)

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Not Enough Time?

By Mabel Tan

Do you feel like there is literally never enough hours in a day to accomplish the tasks you set out to do?

You are not alone. As a part-time degree student holding a 9 to 5 job, I have to admit that my daily life can get pressurising, even stressful, especially when the deadlines simultaneously mount up at work and school.

Because I don’t get the luxury of having less to do - only less time to do - I have adopted the following time-wealth optimisation techniques to tame this ever-present frenemy of ours.

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