Q&A: Should I sign a voluntary work bond?

Question: After having gone for a job interview, I’ve been contacted by the interviewer and offered the position, but with one caveat: I have to sign a work bond with the organisation before I can start work. I really want the position but this condition is making me uneasy. What should I do?

Answer: The mere mention of a voluntary work bond will probably set your inner alarm bells ringing, and for good reason. Unless you’re a scholar, signing a work bond is a not commonplace practice (and in some countries, outright illegal).

In Singapore, a voluntary work bond falls in a grey area. According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), a Contract of Service (usually known as a letter of appointment or employment) does not include any mention of a work bond in its essential clauses (which normally govern factors such as remuneration and hours of work). (Read More Here!)

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What I Learnt from Running the (Rat) Race

By Julailah Wahid

On Saturday, 11 May, I was among 8,000 women who pounded the pavements of Gardens by the Bay East in the Nike She Runs 5K.

Despite narrow pathways, the race turned out to be pretty enjoyable, especially since it was my first time participating in a competitive run.

That being said, there were a few lessons gleaned from this experience, which I feel can be applied at the workplace:

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Train to Gain

In any organisation, one of its most valuable assets is its staff. However, the best employees often look for recognition, new challenges and room for development in their jobs. Thus, one good way to attract and retain the most capable and hardworking workers is to invest in them and their future.

By Becky Lo

Employers who invest in the development of their workers’ talents will find that they stand to gain in the long-run, as adequate and relevant training opportunities will ultimately help to increase the firm’s productivity. Here are some benefits that staff training will bring for both the employers and their workers.

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