Valentine's Day

Office Romances: The Valentine's Day Edition

By Winifred Tan & Jacelyn Lim

When it comes to the game of love, there is no such thing as “playing by the rules”.

Or is there?

According to a recent survey by JobsCentral, it would appear that most office workers in Singapore do have one rule when it comes to dating: never find your honey where you get your money.

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My Secret Valentine's Day Location

By Jonathan Tay

I have a confession to make. I am a closet IKEA fan (I’m also a big fan of its tables and chairs as well). I love IKEA so much that I even know the Swedish furniture giant’s proper pronunciation – it’s pronounced ee-kay-ah.

Ever since I got my own place, IKEA has become a regular hang-out location for me and the missus. Gone were the days of sipping lattes at coffeehouses while the day wanes with jazz and the aroma of coffee beans. Weekends are now typically spent at IKEA, cruising through colorful displays of household products and domestic drama.