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Take a sabbatical from work? Yes, please!

By: Alythea Ho

Recently I went on a three-month sabbatical. Against every pragmatic Singaporean fibre in my being, I took the plunge and told my boss I needed a break.

Translation: I’m tired of crawling to work every Monday morning. I quit.

Yes, so I left my job. Because I planned ahead, my world didn’t collapse overnight. Bills were still paid on time. I didn’t wake in the middle of the night screaming like a fiend about ‘zero bank accounts’.

Instead, I took the opportunity to benefit from…

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Taking a gap year from work

By Juliet Soh

A “gap year”, sometimes known as a “sabbatical”, refers to an extended period of time you take off work to undertake activities you wouldn’t otherwise have time to do. Many may think that taking a year off work is only justified if you want to pursue higher education. But this is also a great option if you are experiencing a career burnout - it gives you time and space to rethink your priorities. If you’re seriously considering to take this time off, jot down these notes on what you can do:

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