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MNCs vs SMEs: The Importance of Work Harmony

By Deanna Bonaparte

Between Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) and Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), their corporate cultures can be as different as chalk and cheese. An MNC typically houses multiple departments and a large pool of staff who generally keep to their own departments, while an SME is comparably smaller in size and has employees frequently working across divisions to make end goals meet. We take a look at the characteristics that differentiate an MNC from an SME, and how it is important to maintain good relations among co-workers. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: Should I Ask My Friend To Join My Workplace?

Question: There is a job opening at my workplace and I am thinking of asking my unemployed friend to join me here. Is this a feasible idea?

Answer: It can certainly be refreshing to have your friend join you at your workplace, especially if you know what he or she is capable of. Your friend can not only be a new-found figure of comfort from the daily drudgeries of work life, but also provide you with a safe refuge from the nuisance of (other) annoying co-workers.

But note that although this may seem like an extremely attractive proposition, the pendulum could well swing the other way – especially if your friend will be joining your department/team and he or she has a work-style that is as different from you as chalk and cheese. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: How Can I Maintain A Healthy Work Spouse Relationship?

Question: I spend more time at work with a female colleague than I do at home with my actual wife. How can I ensure that this platonic relationship with my female colleague remains a healthy one?

Answer: While you have zero intent to cheat on your lovely wife, the unavoidable fact is that you’re probably spending most of your waking hours with coworkers of the opposite gender in your workplace. (Read More Here!)

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JobsCentral Survey: Singapore employers confess to bad work habits that they are guilty of

By Jonathan Tay

In this study, JobsCentral explores employer-employee work relationships and the common bad working habits bosses commit.

75 per cent of employers say it is important that employees work over the weekends or after office hours. In addition, over two-fifths (45.7%) said they would contact their employees on leave. 58.2 per cent maintain it is important their employees remain contactable, regardless of whether they are on vacation.

The online survey was conducted from August to October 2012 and included the responses of 256 hiring managers and 3,299 employees.

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Q & A: Over-drinking at company events

Question: I drank too much at my company’s D&D. Let’s just say I’m not sure what I did that night. Now when I’m at work, I noticed my colleagues laughing about something, but when I approach them they stop immediately. I’m paranoid that I did something really bad. What can I do to restore my reputation at work?


JobsCentral Survey: Men are more receptive to office romances than women

By Juliet Soh

44% of men are open to dating someone from the office, according a survey conducted by Singapore’s leading online job portal, JobsCentral. Although this means that the majority are against office romances, the percentage is higher than women. Nearly two-thirds (63.9%) of female respondents say they would not date their colleagues.

A total of 2,281 respondents took the survey, which was conducted online from August to September 2011. Respondents consisted of employed individuals from all levels of occupation and income groups. The survey has an error margin of 2.05%, at 95% confidence level.

The survey found out that both genders are most open to dating a colleague who is of the same rank as they are (60.8% of men and 49.4% of women said they are opened to it). Men are most averse to dating their superiors while women are most averse to dating their subordinates (60.5% of men said they will avoid dating a superior while 75.8% of women said they will avoid dating a subordinate).

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