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Not getting that promotion? Try ironing your shirt

Kaitlin Madden

You’ve worked your butt off the last few months trying to show your boss that you’re ready for a promotion, to no avail. You’ve gotten compliments from customers and you’ve surpassed your sales goals, but the promotion just isn’t happening.

You’re starting to think your boss must just hate the way you dress, or that she’s just got something against tattoos.

And you know what? You might be right.

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6 work wardrobe guidelines for hot, humid weather

Dressing for work in light of Singapore's hot and humid climate can be tough. Thirty-two degree weather and a suit jacket don’t exactly mix, but neither do guys in shorts and corporate boardrooms. Not to mention the fact that, at any given point, it’s at least six degrees cooler in the average office building than it is outside.

But it is possible to create a work wardrobe that’s comfortable yet professional, and cool yet collected. Here’s how.

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