Low-Wage Jobs – Necessary for Singapore’s Economy

By Durga Elamaran

A recent cleaners’ strike in far-away England, triggered by low wages and even poorer working conditions, has brought the plight of this invisible army to the fore as rubbish bins overflowed and the smell of sewage accumulated.

Even as we continue to enjoy the peace and stability here in Singapore, we should all be reminded of the vital role that low-wage workers play, even in first world economies. (Read More Here!)

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PR practitioners are unhappiest S’pore workers: JobsCentral Survey

By Juliet Soh

Public relations professionals are found to be the unhappiest workers in Singapore for two years in a row, according to an annual survey by JobsCentral, one of Singapore's leading job portals.

A total of 2,385 respondents took the 2011 JobsCentral Work Happiness Indicator Survey, which was conducted online from August to September this year. This survey has been conducted every year since 2009.

PR professionals scored 53.5 in the JobsCentral Work Happiness Indicator this year and 50.4 last year, also the lowest score in 2010.

The top 5 job functions with the unhappiest workers in Singapore are:

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