Letter requesting for increment/promotion

When is the ideal time to give a letter requesting for an increment/promotion

Avoid handing this letter to your superiors when your company is going through difficult times, such as a retrenchment exercise. Apart from these periods, any other time periods are suitable. An ideal time would be when your company is doing well or after you have made a significant achievement.

Ideal times to request for an increment or promotion would be after you have just made a significant contribution, or when your company is going through an upswing in terms of revenue and fortunes.

Why should I write this letter?

Other than being a formal way to let your superiors know about your desire for an increment or promotion, this letter is also a good way to highlight what you have done for the company so far. Your name will also be the first one to pop into the mind of your boss if he or she is looking for someone to fill a more senior position.

How should I send the letter?

In today's electronic era, it can be tempting to drop an email to your manager. However, it is advisable to print a hard copy instead as it shows how serious you are about your request.


  • Start the letter as warmly as possible by stating how much you have enjoyed your time with the company.
  • Describe how much you have managed to learn in your current position.
  • Articulate in detail your justification of why you should be given a promotion or pay rise, and be as specific as possible about what exactly it is that you are asking for.
  • As much as possible, include quantifiable examples of how you have contributed to the company. (E.g.: In my 3 years with the company, I have implemented 4 schemes that have saved the company an average of $200,000 a year...)
  • Use action words when describing the initiatives that you have implemented. (E.g.: Generated..., developed..., implemented...)
  • ¬†Proofread your request letter for any grammatical, spelling or style errors.
  • The length of the letter should not be any longer than one page.






First paragraph

In this paragraph, state how long you have been working with the company, how you have enjoyed your time here, and how much you have learnt from your superior. Remember to be warm and friendly but not to the extent of being overly saccharine sweet.

Second paragraph onwards
This paragraph explains to your manager why you feel the time is right for a promotion or increment. Points to include here are:

  • Examples of how you have contributed to the company.
  • Reasons why you deserve the promotion.
  • How your request will benefit the company.

Final paragraph
In the final paragraph, highlight your desire to discuss in person your promotion and increment prospects. Remember to include how appreciative you are of the opportunities that have been given to you in the company so far.


Hayden Lim
Assistant Editor

29 February 2012

Coleen Tan
Managing Editor

Dear Ms. Tan (remember to include correct salutations),
It's been a pleasure working with you and contributing to the company for the past 3 years. It has been a great learning experience and I have acquired invaluable knowledge during my time here.

I am confident you will agree that my efforts as Assistant Editor have contributed to the growth of the company. For instance, I have successfully rolled out new editorial content and procedures that have proven to be popular with our readers and clients respectively. Due to these changes, readership and revenue for our magazines have increased threefold in less than two years.

While the Editor was away for an overseas trip that lasted two months, I also stepped up to become Acting Editor and ensured the smooth production of our most recent issue.

Taking into account my contributions to the company, I am respectfully requesting a promotion/increment commensurate with my performance on the job. I am confident that this promotion/increment will motivate me to contribute even more to the company.

In closing, I would like you to know that I have truly enjoyed my time on the job and hope that you understand and appreciate the basis of my request. After you have read and reviewed the contents of this letter, I am more than happy to sit down to discuss further the details of my request.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hayden Lim

Extra Notes

  • Be prepared for a rejection letter. However, do not jump to conclusions that your manager thinks you are not good enough for a promotion or increment. There are other extenuating circumstances that you might not be aware of. Rest assured your name will be the first to come up when your manager thinks about the next round of promotions.
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