Resignation Letter

Why are resignation letters important?

Writing a proper resignation letter is important to maintain professional decency and prevents any ill will from emerging, especially if you have to work with your former boss and colleagues at any point in the future in your new company. If you cut relations with your company on a bad note, your future career pursuits might be compromised.

How should you submit your resignation letter?

It is more considerate to inform your boss in person of your resignation before submitting your resignation letter. A printed hard copy of the letter is more personable than handing in your resignation via email and it says a lot about your character.

When is the ideal time to hand in your resignation letter?

If you are planning to resign, do take note that most companies require two weeks' to a month's notice. This is vital information to consider if you have already secured another job with another company as you will need to plan your last day properly to coincide with the date of your first day at the new company.


  • Do not include any derogatory or negative comments towards your employers or colleagues in the letter. This will only strain your relations and may harm your future career prospects.
  • The resignation letter should include a brief explanation of why you are leaving your position. However, this is optional depending on the circumstances that have caused you to resign from the company.
  • The letter should only be a page in length.
  • As much as possible, do thank your employer and company for the opportunities that have been given to you throughout your time with the company.
  • If you would like a letter of reference from your employer, it is best to request for it in person rather than request for it in your resignation letter.
  • If your company does not have a formal policy on how many weeks notice you have to give, the most common period of notice given is 2 weeks.





First paragraph
The first paragraph is the formal announcement of your resignation from your position with effect from which date.

Go on to indicate your last day of work, bearing in mind the notice period required.

Second paragraph onwards
In this paragraph, you can include your reason for resigning and offer an appreciative note for everything the company has done for you.

Final paragraph
In the final paragraph, offer your assistance and how you can help during the transition.


64 Lorong Ah Chuan
Singapore 456123
Ms. Coleen Tan
Managing Editor

3 Science Park Drive #02-08
Singapore Science Park 1
Singapore 118223


Hayden Lim
The Magazine Company Pte Ltd
23 Contents Drive

27th March 2011

Coleen Tan
The Magazine Company Pte Ltd
23 Contents Drive

Dear Ms. Tan (remember to include correct salutations),

Please accept this letter as notification that I am resigning as Editor of The Magazine Company, effective 4th April 2011. My last day of service with the company shall be on 29th April 2011.

I am resigning to pursue other career options in a different industry, and am thankful for all the opportunities that have been given to me over the past three years in The Magazine Company. My role as Editor has helped me to mature professional and personally, and I would like to express my gratitude for all your guidance.

If I may assist during the hiring process and the transition period, I am more than happy to do so while serving my notice and for a period of three weeks after that. 

Thank you and I wish The Magazine Company continued success.

Hayden Lim

Extra Notes

  • By resigning on good terms with your manager and everyone in the company, it leaves the door open for a possible return to the company.
  • Be tactful and respectful when requesting for a letter of recommendation from your soon-to-be former employers. Keep in mind that they have every reason not to give you one and be appreciative if they do take time out to write you one.
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